Sunday, December 25, 2022

Happy Holidays 2022!


I wish for you and yours the very merriest of holiday cheer
 and a safe and happy season!

My Gift To You:

For a limited time (until December 28), Holiday Rescue is free on Amazon!


The first two books are available on Audible. For the country-specific links for Holiday Rescue and Not For Sale, click below:

As always, the e-books, paperbacks, and Audible books can be purchased through Amazon.

Other News

I am still writing the third and final book in the series, as yet to be named. Jax's story will be published by the end of March.

This past year has been a struggle for me. Having Covid twice, a lingering bronchial infection, a move to a new apartment, and starting a new job, have all cut into my time and ability to write. Thankfully, I'm feeling better and life has settled somewhat. I hope to get much more writing done in 2023.

I hope you have your family have a blessed holiday!

Take care and stay safe,