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Authors Requesting Reviews

At this point, I am planning one review a month. If and when I can, I'll try to do more.

If your book meets these guidelines:

  1. No sex (closed-door okay for married couples with spouse only)
  2. No profanity 
  3. No gratuitous violence/gore

And your book as a movie would be rated G or PG-13, send your request for a review to

Books that do not meet the guidelines will not be considered for review.

I give no guarantee that I will review any book, even if I read it.

If I can't honestly give your book at least the equivalent of three stars out of five, I will not post a review. These reviews are meant to help authors, not hurt them. 

I will not tell you how to fix the book. I'm adding book reviews to an already full schedule, and simply will not have the time for detailed editing or proofreading.

In addition to your email requesting a review, I will need a jpg photo of the cover, access to the book, and links to your sales pages.

If the book is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, I will retrieve it using my own account. If the book is not enrolled in KU, please attach an ARC of the book in EPUB, MOBI, or PDF format file to your request email.

Please be patient. If I select your book for a review, I will email and let you know when the review will post.

Books I will consider reviewing on this blog:

  • Historical Romances
  • Rom/Com
  • Cozy Mysteries with a romantic plot or subplot
  • Young Adult Romances
  • Western Romances
  • Contemporary Romances
  • Billionaire Romances
  • High School Romances

If your book is not in one of these genres, query before sending.

No paranormal or time travel books, please. 

I will not share your book with anyone. Once the review is complete, or if I do not review the book you send, it will be permanently deleted from my hard drive within three months. This is to give me time to review it again if questions arise.