Sunday, December 25, 2022

Happy Holidays 2022!


I wish for you and yours the very merriest of holiday cheer
 and a safe and happy season!

My Gift To You:

For a limited time (until December 28), Holiday Rescue is free on Amazon!


The first two books are available on Audible. For the country-specific links for Holiday Rescue and Not For Sale, click below:

As always, the e-books, paperbacks, and Audible books can be purchased through Amazon.

Other News

I am still writing the third and final book in the series, as yet to be named. Jax's story will be published by the end of March.

This past year has been a struggle for me. Having Covid twice, a lingering bronchial infection, a move to a new apartment, and starting a new job, have all cut into my time and ability to write. Thankfully, I'm feeling better and life has settled somewhat. I hope to get much more writing done in 2023.

I hope you have your family have a blessed holiday!

Take care and stay safe,


Thursday, July 21, 2022

Not for Sale Available in Audiobook

Not for Sale is an Audiobook!

My narrator, Cara Firestone, has been busy! She finished Not for Sale in record time, and it's available for sale now. It's been published on Amazon, Audible, and ACX. It will soon be for sale on iTunes, too.


Love in Gabriel Mills, TX

Near the small town his brother Grant has moved to, Kiel Helms finds what he thinks is the perfect investment. 

To fulfill his plans, he'll have to purchase a farm that became a lakeside property after the state and county built a manmade lake. But Berni Schumaker, the young widowed single mother who lives on the farm with her disabled father, refuses to consider selling the property that has been in her family for more than 50 years. 

The bank wants out from under the mortgage. 

Kiel wants to buy it. 

Berni just wants him to go away so she can focus on the small business she's trying to start and earn enough to get the bank off her back. 

Will Kiel be able to change Berni's mind? Or will the feisty single mom put a stop to the billionaire's plans?

You can find the listing at these locations:




Cara Firestone

Again, Cara has excelled in the narration. When I finish Jax's story, she will be narrating that one, too. In the meantime, she's agreed to narrate my Tala Ridge Shifters series. Her crisp clear voice makes it easy to follow along with the story. If you enjoy her reading as much as I did, please leave a comment below for her. (Thank you!)

Jax Helms' Story Update

I've completed eleven chapters. I still haven't made up my mind about the title, but I'll post the cover reveal here when I have the cover completed with the title intact. 

Take care and stay safe,

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Holiday Rescue Available in Audiobook

 Audible Version of Holiday Rescue

I am excited to announce that my first audiobook, Holiday Rescue, has been published as an audiobook. It is available on,, ACX, and iTunes.  

You can find the listing at these locations:



Other News

Narrator: Cara Firestone

Cara did an excellent job on the book. I'm so pleased, I asked her to narrate the next book in the series, Not For Sale. Yay! She agreed and will begin work on the book early in July. I hope you enjoy listening to Holiday Rescue as much as I did. 

Jax Helms' Story is Next

The final book in the series will feature the oldest of the Helms brothers, Jax. 

Out of sorts and lonely after his brothers find their forever loves, Jax takes off across Texas on his Harley. He doesn't get far before he runs across a smalltown single mom dealing with a deadbeat and dangerous ex. Too bad she isn't blonde. Otherwise, she might just be perfect for him. 

The first five chapters are complete, but I still have a ways to go before finishing it. The tentative title for this book is Biker P.I., but that's subject to change.

Take care and stay safe,

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Holiday Rescue: The Audio Book Cover Reveal

Audiobook cover for Holiday Rescue
Holiday Rescue Audiobook Cover Reveal
Holiday Rescue will soon be an audiobook. I have contracted with Cara Firestone through ACX to narrate the book. 

The preliminary audiobook cover is revealed on the right. 

This is one of the first two books I have contracted to be narrated (books in two different series and narrated by different narrators). 

Since I haven't been through the entire process, I'm not sure how long it will take from the time the audio/narration work is completed and the time it is available for purchase. I'll keep you updated!

I'm so excited and hope to have other books in the series narrated, too.

Other News

I am currently working on the third book in The Billionaire Brothers Series. Jax, the oldest brother, is a little different. 

He, too, was a SEAL, but he saw even more action than his brothers. Action where he lost brothers-in-arms, men and women who were as close to him as his own brothers. 

Now that his brothers are married, and his mother moves from Houston to the small town of Gabriel Mills, Texas, he's feeling a bit out of sorts and decides to hit the road for a while on his Harley. 

Even the company he and his brothers own, Helms Security, isn't enough to keep him satisfied. Riding through small towns in Texas, he comes across a single mother with ex-husband problems. Problems that are escalating. Too bad she's not blonde.

I'll let you know when the audiobook is available!

Take care and stay safe,


Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!


May your troubles be less,
And your blessings be more.
And nothing but happiness come through your door.

                                                                ~Irish Blessing

Take care and stay safe,