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Editing Experience:

As a freelance editor, I started my editing career in 2002 in the educational publishing industry as a freelance editor for Pearson Education. 

Over the next seventeen years, I edited textbooks, tests, and supplemental assignments. In 2017, I began editing fiction, both mine and that of others.

My Goal

My goal is to help independent authors polish their work so that it is both clear and professional. My passion has always been both reading and writing. While I read widely both nonfiction and fiction, my favorites for both reading and writing include science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, suspense, young adult, new adult, and sweet contemporary romance. 

I edit short stories, novellas, novelettes, and full-length novels. I will also edit nonfiction. 

Word lengths are: 

  • Short story: Up to 7499 words
  • Novellette: 7500 to 16,999 words
  • Novella: 17,000 to 39,999 words
  • Novel: 40,000+ words 

When you submit your book for editing, I will provide a timetable for getting the work done. The amount of time will depend on my current schedule, the length of your book/story, and the type of editing you need.

Writing Experience

In my real name, Linda Pogue, I've traditionally published several computer textbooks. In my pen name, Lynn Nodima, I've published the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack series (12 books), as well as a number of short stories in the same world. I also have a collection of short science fiction stories. In addition, I have published the Tala Ridge Shifters series (currently at three books with more to come) and my contemporary romance series, The Billionaire Brothers (currently at two books with more to come). All my fiction books are on Amazon

My nonfiction books, which include college textbooks, assorted journals, word puzzle books, and a children's book, are also on Amazon.

Services I Offer:

Line-editing: An in-depth version of copy editing that focuses on style, sentence structure, verb tense, point of view, plot elements, characterization, dialogue, setting, and plot elements. During line editing, passive tense is addressed, as well as redundancy to ensure the story flows. Line editing includes copy editing.

Copy-editing: Copy-editing covers the mechanics of writing: spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Basic sentence structure and word usage are also examined. We will check your document or book for correct word usage and sentence structure, and make needed corrections. Where there are issues in fiction writing, we will identify and note the location of the issues. We will not, however, totally rewrite your document for you as part of the copy-editing process. That is the work of a ghostwriter.

Proofreading: This is the final stage of writing. After all other editing and rewriting stages are completed, this is a quick read-through to find any remaining errors in mistakes and punctuation.

Book Formatting: This is a no-frills format. After formatting, I will return files for paperbacks and e-books. Files will include:

  • Margins specific to the book for paperbacks and e-books will be set according to Amazon's KDP publishing rules for the size of the book desired. 
  • Excess spaces and blank pages will be removed. 
  • Chapters will begin at the top of a page.
  • Chapter titles will be made into a table of contents. For e-books, the table of contents will have clickable links for e-books. For paperbacks, the table of contents will include a chapter list with page numbers (choice of bottom center and outside corner).
  • The font will be set to Times New Roman unless otherwise specified. If I must purchase a font to complete the work, the cost of the font will be included in the final invoice. 
  • If you have transparent (.png files) for scene separators, I will insert those. If not, please use ***** as a marker.
  • In paperbacks and e-books, headers are included. In paperbacks, both title and author will be in the headers on opposite pages. In e-books, headers will include the title and series if the book is in a series.
  • In paperbacks, page numbers will be added to the bottom of pages with page one starting on the first page of chapter one.
  • After the .docx is approved, additional files in .pdf, .mobi, and .epub formats will be provided. For paperback books, I recommend uploading .pdf files only. This keeps page numbers from shifting to different pages and ensures the table of contents is still correct.

Fee Schedule:

  • Proofreading: $10 per 1000 words* (minimum fee $20)
    • Proofreading is for one round only.
  • Copy editing: $12 per 1000 words* (minimum fee $44)
    • Copy editing includes two rounds. The second round makes a quick check to verify that making corrections didn’t add errors to the manuscript.
    • If a third round is required by the author, the fee will be equal to 1/2 the original fee total.
  • Contact me for a quote on formatting:
    • Formatting a Word document for ebook: 
      • Dependent on the number of pages. Minimum fee: $40
    • Formatting a Word document for paperback: 
      • Dependent on the number of pages. Minimum fee: $60
  • Converting a Word manuscript in ePub or Mobi format: $20
  • Resumes: Check formatting, grammar, and spelling: $75
* A page is defined as an 8.5 X 11 sheet, with 1″ margins and double-spaced 12-point type (approximately 250 words).

Not Sure? Editing Services Free Trial Offer:

Contact us at Services for a free 2,000-word edit and proofread. Additional words will fall under the fee structure above. Please send only a Word (.doc or .docx) or RTF file. 

In return, you will receive a contract for the free edit/proofread, and information for ordering editing/proofreading/formatting for your entire document/novel/short story/novella. After we complete the review, you will receive your file as a Word document file in the .docx format with review edits and comments. I edit with track changes on, so you will be able to accept or reject comments as you wish, then save the document. If needed, instructions for doing this will be provided.


Other than the free trial, all orders for editing services must have a signed contract (electronic signature is accepted) and 1/2 of the total payment submitted before work will begin. The balance due must be paid before the final review/edit/proofread/formatting is returned. All payments are made by PayPal. As with any contract, read it to be sure you understand it. If you have questions, ask before you sign and return the contract. I am happy to answer any questions you have.

Send us your document for a free estimate with no obligation. Discretion and non-disclosure are guaranteed.

Notice: I do not edit, proofread, or format erotica.

The editing calendar fills fast, so get your order in now!

Contact Information:

For more information, contact Services.

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