Thursday, October 3, 2019

Welcome to Lynn's Clean Romances!

Welcome to My New Blog, Lynn's Clean Romances!

Hi! I'm Lynn Nodima, author of clean romances, young adult fiction, paranormal romances, and science fiction--all clean! My paranormal, fantasy and science fiction writing is featured on my Lynn's Muse blog.

Don't You Already Have a Blog?

I do already have a blog. Why do I need another? The non-paranormal romances I write don't seem to blend very well with the paranormal romances. I know more readers who are paranormal romance readers who also read other romances, such as billionaire romances, than the reverse. Some people just don't like paranormal fiction for a plethora of reasons. Hence, this blog came into being.

Soon, I'll be sending a newsletter to my paranormal readers asking them if they want to subscribe to the Lynn's Clean Romances Newsletter, too. So, if you are on my Lynn's Muse list, watch for the invitation.

This Blog

On this blog, I intend to spotlight clean and/or sweet romances and young adult romance novels and novellas in a wide range of romance sub-genres, including the billionaire, western, and historical sub-genres. And more. However, there will be no paranormal, time travel, fantasy, or science fiction in these pages. 

Clean Romance Authors: Interested in having Your Book Reviewed?

In addition to building landing pages for my books here, I plan to review other authors' books, too. These are the main requirements for books to be reviewed:

  1. No sex
  2. No profanity
  3. No gratuitous violence/gore
Books containing these won't show up on this blog. My goal is to keep these pages clean enough that I wouldn't be embarrassed if one of my grandchildren started reading.

Just Who is Lynn Nodima?

Ready for the big reveal? My real name is Linda Pogue. Lynn Nodima as my pen name.

So, I've been asked, by family members who were rather annoyed that I used a pen name, why I used a pen name. In past years, I worked as a freelance author for Pearson Education, which means I have three computer app textbooks listed in my real name.

To keep the also-bought list (that list of books on an Amazon sales page of other books customers who bought that book purchased) in my fiction from having computer textbooks listed, I decided to use a pen name I've thought about since my teens. A few people have always called me Lynn. My maiden name is Amidon. Nodima is Amidon spelled backward. And that's where Lynn Nodima comes from.

My Background

While my children were growing up, I worked as a waitress, electronics assembly worker, sales representative, store clerk, assistant school secretary, substitute teacher, school bus driver, and fabric art painting instructor. Other activities during those years included Girl Scout Leader, Bible class teacher, as well as reading and writing fiction. And crafts. I've always loved crafting. I homeschooled my two children. My son was homeschooled from sixth grade through high school. My daughter was homeschooled in her junior and senior years of high school.

After my children were grown and married, I decided to attend college. I would have preferred to get a degree in English and minor in History because I have always wanted to be a fiction writer.

However, my husband was not well and needed to stop working for a while. For financial reasons, I decided to major in Computer Information Systems. After years of school, I earned a B.S. in Computer Information Systems, an M.S. in Computer Information Systems, and an M.S. in Education.

I discovered working as a computer programmer wasn't my cup of tea. Could I do it? Yes. Did I want to do it? No. It was too far removed from my dream job: writing! My advice, whatever your dreams, follow them.

Since my children grew up, I've worked as a computer programmer for nearly four years, a college instructor for computer courses for ten plus years, a freelance technical editor for educational textbooks for ten plus years, a freelance non-fiction author of three textbooks, and now, I write fiction. It took me a long time to get back to where I started wanting to be.

Were those years wasted? I don't think so. They give me tons of background material and experiences to draw upon when writing. And if you watch closely, you'll see little bits of these experiences in my books.

Authors, if you have a book in Kindle Unlimited that you would like me to review, email

I look forward to interacting with you. And I love hearing from my readers.

Until later,

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