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 Holiday Rescue

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Not even Navy Seals can escape a shot to the heart...

Grant, a billionaire CEO and former Navy SEAL, is buying the only company that can make his newest tech possible. But his Christmas trip to Austin isn’t as simple as it seems and kidnapping is the last thing on his mind.

Caught up in a plot that drags him into the heart of danger, he finds more than he’s looking for when he meets Maisy. And trouble isn’t far behind.

Will this small-town, spitfire Texas woman be the salvation he needs?

Can he prevent her from becoming a casualty when death lurks in the shadows.

Not For Sale

This audiobook is available in:


Love in Gabriel Mills, TX

Near the small town his brother Grant has moved to, Kiel Helms finds what he thinks is the perfect investment. 

To fulfill his plans, he'll have to purchase a farm that became a lakeside property after the state and county built a manmade lake. But Berni Schumaker, the young widowed single mother who lives on the farm with her disabled father, refuses to consider selling the property that has been in her family for more than 50 years. 

The bank wants out from under the mortgage. 

Kiel wants to buy it. 

Berni just wants him to go away so she can focus on the small business she's trying to start and earn enough to get the bank off her back. 

Will Kiel be able to change Berni's mind? Or will the feisty single mom put a stop to the billionaire's plans?

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